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What i have been up to

2016-05-27 11:32:16 by TheUnseriousguy

What have I BEEN UP TOO? ...not much

I did an animated gaming video for Vanoss Gaming

and i did a small animation for Ryans Birthday Collab with some other gool guys ( I have no idea how all the submissions ended with ryan dying )


And thats really all i have uploaded animation wise. Been really busy with some other animation work for a certain animation studio as well as this personal thing I've been working on that i wanna get out sometime this year.



also thanks for 1k+ follows on NG holy shit thats quite a lot :O


2015-11-24 20:15:32 by TheUnseriousguy



for the details take a look at the tumblr post:

If you are interested in commissioning me and supporting me the email is


I've been working on lots of animations like the star wars adventure time one, and apart from voice acting and music its done, its actually been complete for a few months now, IM SORRY I'LL UPLOAD IT SOON!

I've also been working on animation for Vanossgaming because you know, I gotta make money from animation somehow, but i promise its going to have some cool animation! Heres a WIP



So RyanStorm's new cartoon that i helped him out with is coming out soon, how soon? in 4 days

You'll notice some of the inbetweens in this one are particularly exceptional ;)


New Video

2015-08-07 02:30:33 by TheUnseriousguy

I've had this done for quite some time and since it is part of a collab on newgrounds i didnt want to upload it until the final collab was complete, however it's been quite some time since the deadline of that collab, almost three months so I think its not going ahead. I wont upload it to newgrounds for a while yet incase it does eventually become complete, but for now here is the youtube version


2015-06-05 22:43:57 by TheUnseriousguy

thanks for the front page newgrounds! this is why I love this site, deffinitely the best community i've ever been a part of. Thanks again and i'll try to make some more awesome content for everyone ;)


newgrounds life goal achieved, thank you everyone for making my dream a reality

600 fans

2015-02-26 00:02:46 by TheUnseriousguy

hehey! 600 fans thats not bad. just need 66 more

i made a pokemon movie

2014-12-27 07:33:18 by TheUnseriousguy

hey there, unseriousguy here and i made a pokemon parody as my last cartoon for the year. this is probably one of the best cartoons i have put out in a while so i'd appreciate it if you took the time to check it out, its only short.

youtube version


also awesomeguy 4 will hopefully be out before the month and it will be bigger and better than ever before

a guy called Kiotask is organising a kill la kill flash collab project, and as a huge fan of the series im definitely on board with it, and i would like to spread the word of it because i would love to see many other animators who love kill la kill collaborate too so we can make something awesome!

if this sounds like something you are interested in the message Kiotask about it, I think he wants a 4o second short comedic sketch, so dont worry its nothing to big ;D

i hope you can join us :)

Halloween Collab

2014-08-20 00:57:55 by TheUnseriousguy

i was wandering if there are any decent animators out there that would be interesting in collaborating for a halloween animation, and i dont mean like the other newgrounds collabs with 20 second animations by 100 different people i mean like a self contained story. you would be animating and writing your own part of the animation but it would have a more consistent theme. tell me if you are interested :)