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best newgrounds video

you are a flash wizard ivan and It makes me happy to see that there are people like you still making amazing cartoons

IvanAlmighty responds:

Yo thanks Blair!!

one of my fav cartoons this year nice work bb keep it up ;)

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i actually dont feel its that poorly executed. some music would be nice and try smoothing out the control some more, otherwise i like it

this is really cool, can i ask if you found a pacman game and changed the sprites or programmed yourself? its cool either way, only problem is levels dont change and doom guy needs to open his mouth to munch on the candy, ooh and some sound effects from doom would be cool!

Cyberdevil responds:

Thanks. I used a tutorial for most of the programming, apart from medals, sound etc, not that great at actionscript... yet. The levels are all the same in the classic game, so that's all mimicked after the original. An opening mouth would be pretty cool indeed, and maybe a choice to either play with Pacman or Doom sfx? thanks for the tips!

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THIS!! is what i am looking for :D do you mind if i use it an animation? im looking for western tracks to put in it because thats the kind of vibe im going for

NolaFoxglove responds:

Hey! I'm very sorry for my late reaction (haven't been on Newgrounds for a while).
Yes of course you can use it! As long as you mention my channel and Mjattie 's channel (with whom I made this track).
Can you also send me a link of your animation? I'm very curious :)

this is awesome! do you mind if i use it in an animtion?

SilverPoyozo responds:

That would be great, be my guest!

this is awesome! my kind of music. why only 34 seconds?

guitarnut responds:

It was for a TV commercial. The final version was only thirty seconds, so consider this one the "extended version" :p

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man i really love the colours on this one, i cant really think of a name, but her colours and design kinda remind me of bubblegum, you could use that for something in the name

Taffytoad responds:

One of my friends came up with the name fuschia and I'm really attached to it because I have other characters named after obscure colours so it's pretty much the exact name I was looking for
But thanks for the input anyway man :-D

woah dude those colours work so well! awesome work!

MrChambers responds:

Aye thanks a bunch! :D

AHHH YES! awesome work man

YakovlevArt responds:

:D Cheers!

i like to make cartoons, like most people here



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